The Wit and Wisdom of H.H. Lomax

Of the many characters Preston Lewis has created as a western and historical novelist, H.H. Lomax is the most endearing and enduring.  His droll wit, his irreverent perspective and his colorful idioms combine to provide insightful and often humorous perspectives on the events and characters of the Old West as well as on life in general.  Note Lomax’s perspective on various topics:

Fine Dining
Eating jerky’s about like chewing an old boot, though not as tasty–The Demise of Billy the Kid

Female Poise
Nothing gives a woman more confidence than good looks and plenty of money–The Demise of Billy the Kid

He didn’t strike me as the kind of man who’d grow bowlegged toting his brains around–The Demise of Billy the Kid

Parental Responsibilities
The way I saw it, if Pa and Momma had brought me into the world, they should’ve made my life easier rather than putting me to doing chores–The Redemption of Jesse James

Generally I preferred Texans to smallpox, Republicans and tax collectors, but little else–The Redemption of Jesse James

I certainly hadn’t intended to tell a lie, but the facts got away from me.  And I knew I would never tell another lie unless it couldn’t be avoided–The Redemption of Jesse James

Running a saloon is as respectable an occupation, as say, running for political office, and you get to meet a higher class of people–Mix-Up at the O.K. Corral

The Earp Brothers
I came to believe there were several nooses hanging in their family tree–Mix-Up at the O.K. Corral

Frontier Civilization
In every boomtown I’d ever been in, I’d heard a clamor for the law to come in and civilize the place.  Only problem was, the law was just as bad as the lawless, and the little man got trampled by them both–Mix-Up at the O.K. Corral








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